Mr Morale & the Big Steppers


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2022 has brought us many things so far, and a new Kendrick Lamar album has been a personal highlight for me. Following on from his critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘Damn’, Lamar turns the key and introduces us to a whole other dimension of his musical capabilities. Heavy jazz influences feature throughout which gives a glimpse into a fresh sound from the West Coast musician. That being said, he has made sure to still cleverly weave those signature Kendrick-isms that we know and love throughout; a much appreciated nod to all the albums in his back catalogue. With Lamar’s gripping story telling and lyricism sitting in the pockets of more obscure jazz time signatures and rhythms, it really has given him the opportunity to flex his muscles (even further) in terms of his technical abilities as a rapper. Unlike his other records, instead of mostly commenting on the state of society (particularly in the U.S), Kendrick turns his attention to his own self reflection which gives us a new point of perspective. At this stage the only questions I have left are – what’s next and are there any limits to what this man can do?!





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