About Orange Moon Records and Coffee

I’ve always loved the process of record digging/buying/collecting, it has been a great passion of mine for many years now (especially as a DJ). However, the concept behind Orange Moon Records and Coffee really began for me during the pandemic in 2020. During quite a difficult time, I was between jobs and was listening to a heap of records. Like many others, lockdown made me begin to reevaluate what was important to me. I thought about my passions, my career and the things I enjoy in a far more fluid way. After lots of thought, I decided to take a leap of faith and start the journey to fulfilling a lifelong dream – running my own record cafe.

The aim of Orange Moon Records is to create a judgement free, community based record buying experience and coffee shop. Regardless of which music style you are into, or how much you know about records, I believe everyone has the right to enjoy the process of digging and enjoying the entire sensory experience of listening to records. Regardless of how obscure or commercial the records you like are – I’d like to create a safe space where everyone can feel free to enthusiastically enjoy what they enjoy.

At the moment, we are only operating Friday, Saturday and Sunday (9am-5pm) upstairs at Steampunk in North Berwick. So grab yourself a coffee downstairs from the lovely staff at Steampunk and then head upstairs to relax, listen to music and have a browse through our crates!

I’d just like to thank everyone in advance for their support and hopefully see you soon!

B x